My son had his pre school holiday party this week so I did some party favors for all his classmates. There is a total of 20 kids in the class, each favor included an instant hot cocoa mix, one plastic cup, one pencil, one eraser, one candy cane and 4 popsicles sticks tied with a ribbon so the kids can make a snowflake ornament (I also added a picture of the ornament so they could get an idea of how to make it). I put all the items inside the plastic cup then it was put inside a cellophane bag and tied off with one of my Christmas tags.

Here is the break down of where I bought the items and how much I paid:

  • Instant hot cocoa mix box of 10 $1.50 each I bought 2 = $3 (local supermarket)
  • 4pk of plastic cups $1 I bought 5 = $5 (dollar tree)
  • 12pk of pencils $1 I bought 2 = $2 (dollar tree)
  • 12pk of erasers $1 I bought 2 = $2 (dollar tree)
  • 12pk of candy canes $1 I bought 2 = $2 (dollar tree)
  • 25 pk of cellophane bags $1 I only bought 1 = $1
  • I already had the popsicle sticks, ribbon and tags = free
Total money spent: $15 which was only 0.75 for each child
< this was the picture I included for a ornament sample

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