I was sitting at my craft desk just brainstorming some last minute ideas for the 4th of July. Lately I’ve been obsessed with wreaths so I thought where else besides a door or a backdrop can I incorporate it and I decided as a decorative accent on the napkin.

Here is a step by step of my 4th of July napkin ring tutorial (please excuse the crappy pictures I came up with the idea at night and I had bad lighting).

* Blue tissue paper
* Red and White napkins (I didn’t have tissue paper in those colors lol but it worked)
* A strip of blue cardstock paper
* A piece of thin cardboard
* 2 things to trace perfect circles onto the cardboard I used the lid from my coffee jar and a small shaker where I keep some glitter
* Glue gun
* Scissors

First trace the bigger cirlce on to your cardboard then the smaller one right in the middle and cut them out

I used some white paper to cover up the green from my cardboard

Next use your glue gun to stick your blue strip of cardstock onto what will be the backside

Cut pieces of the tissuse paper into squares of about 2inches x 2inches. Once you have all your pieces cut grab it from the middle and twist it, it should look like this

Twist a couples of pieces to save you time when you are gluing them on the wreath
Now begin gluing down your pieces keep going with a pattern so the colors will be scattered
Here is a close up of the completed napkin ring

I love how it turned out if you happen to make it send me pictures I would love to see them.

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