I put together a small Valentine’s craft party just for my two boys. It was a spur of the moment type of thing so I kept it to a minimum.

These felt faux candles were probably what took the longest to make. I made them from a napkin tube and felt. I love how they turned out.  Other decorations that I added to the table was this centerpiece. I made it from glittered foam hearts that I bought at Dollar Tree and I placed them inside a bucket with pink crinkle paper. I used my Cricut machine to make some adorable cupcake toppers for the homemade cupcakes. The craft supplies I put out were from my stash. I wrapped the glue bottle in some patterned scrapbook paper to tie it together with the Valentine theme.This was their adorable little Valentine party tablescape. I kept it simple with peanut butter sandwiches wrapped in wax paper and tied off with some yarn.After they ate they began making their crafts. The first craft was to decorate a paper bag so they could use it to place their Valentine cards inside. I remember I use to do this when I was in elementary school.  The next craft was to decorate a bookmark. I rounded the corners, hole punched the top, and added the ribbon. This way all they had to do was decorate them. The final craft was to make a heart out of a red pipe cleaner and to decorate it with some beads. These are the completed craft projects. I didn’t want complicated crafts because I didn’t want them to loose interest. These were perfect and they had fun!Valentine parties are something I have always enjoyed doing for my boys. I have updated this post to share this other Valentine’s craft party.


    1. Thank you Pamela. You're so sweet!

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