Earlier this month I attended my first ever blog conference BASH. BASH is a conference for party planners or party bloggers. I can not tell you how fun this conference was for me from the networking, education from the AMAZING speakers, and the awesome parties. The whole time from leaving California until returning home was full of wonderful and memorable experiences. It was definitely an adventure to remember and I can not wait until BASH 2016 you can count on me being there.
In the days leading up to BASH I was pretty nervous because this was the first time I would leave for more than an afternoon without my 2 boys and my husband and also because I was going to be in the presence of so many talented party people. Everyone I met was so nice and friendly, they made me feel so comfortable and the first day all my nerves went away. I did take a couple of pictures while I was there so here they are 🙂 Enjoy!

First thing Thursday morning a bunch of us headed out to the TomKat Studio Shop, OMG her store is full of so many beautiful party products.


 Kim was such a wonderful host, we were greeted with this amazing spread!!!
This was all of us at the shop, thank you to Krista from Hoopla Events for organizing the TomKat Studio Shop field trip 😉
 Thursday night after registration there was a Welcome Party where we got to network and do some activities.
 Name Badge Station by Petite Party Studio
 Bath Salt Station by Paging Supermom
 Mouse Pad Craft station thanks to See Vanessa Craft and Online Fabric Store
We also got to “gamble” a little thanks to Vegas2U, knowing that it wasn’t real money made me a little adventurous at the blackjack table LOL.
Here are some more pictures just at random.
After party in our suite 😉
 We got to decorate mugs thanks to Elmer’s
 My friends Laura from Laura’s little Party participated in the tabletop competition and here is a glimpse at her table.
We had the pleasure of taking a class taught by Jenny Cookies 🙂
 Loved hanging out with these girls
 Michelle, Laura, and Arlene are some amazing talented women and I had the pleasure of driving out with them and hanging out the whole time we were there it was great to get to know them on a more personal level and let me tell you we have some adventures to tell…LOL!! LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!!
This fabulous woman right here is Michelle the founder of BASH the one who brought us all together under one roof and pulled off an amazing conference. Thank you Michelle!!!!!
By the way did I mention I was the winner of a business assessment and website design from Brand{u} WOOHOO!!!!!


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