Tips for Creating a Stress Free Kids Craft Party

When I was little I use to LOVE doing crafts actually I still do but now I get to enjoy doing them with my sons. We usually do holiday crafts parties where they enjoy some desserts and make crafts, it is a fun way to spend the afternoon. Today I am sharing 4 tips for creating a stress free kids craft party
  • Keep it simple (2-3 easy crafts)
  • Dollar stores are a GREAT place to score craft supplies
  • Have your craft supplies set out as part of your party decorations
  • Have the base of your project started for the kids to get a little head start
Tips for Throwing a Stress Free Kids Craft Party

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Robot Valentine’s Party

WOW can you believe it’s already February, oh how time flies. Today I am sharing a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the little guys in your life without any pink in sight. I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my boys so when I went to Target and saw these cute robot items I just had to get them and set up a little something for them to enjoy!