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Tips for Creating a Stress Free Kids Craft Party

When I was little I use to LOVE doing crafts actually I still do but now I get to enjoy doing them with my sons. We usually do holiday crafts parties where they enjoy some desserts and make crafts, it is a fun way to spend the afternoon. Today I am sharing 4 tips for creating a stress free kids craft party
  • Keep it simple (2-3 easy crafts)
  • Dollar stores are a GREAT place to score craft supplies
  • Have your craft supplies set out as part of your party decorations
  • Have the base of your project started for the kids to get a little head start
Tips for Throwing a Stress Free Kids Craft Party

Here at our Valentine’s Day craft party I included the craft supplies on the table that included some desserts. I used decorative scrapbook paper to decorate my glue bottle to match the craft party theme. I also used clear little jars to hold some of the decorating supplies so the kids to see exactly what they had to work with.
Tips for Throwing a Stress Free Kids Craft Party
At our Halloween craft party I used my sons tool bench to hold all the craft supplies. I placed the tool bench right next to the dessert table. At this party I did the haunted houses the kids were going to decorate ahead of time. I made the houses ahead of time so the kids would just sit down and have fun decorating them.
I hope my tips for creating a stress free kids craft party come in handy and help you the next time to throw a craft party.

Are you planning a craft party anytime soon?


  1. Love the dollar store! Great tips!

    1. I love the dollar store too. Thank you!

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