Oh Summer, the perfect time of year to throw a bunch of fun playdates for the little ones. Today I am sharing the first Summer time fun playdate that I threw for my sons. I kept it simple and to the point yummy food, snacks, and a fun bucket.

Summer Time Fun Playdate 8

I love incorporating fruit onto my playdate tables because it is a perfect snack for the kids to grab for a boost of healthy energy. At this playdate I featured two of my sons favorites strawberries and blueberries, I was lucky that it got to match the rest of my table.Summer Time Fun Playdate 1Yummy!!!Summer Time Fun Playdate 7Summer Time Fun Playdate 3

For lunch, I made a turkey sandwich on wheat bread and placed it in a basket lined with parchment paper (for easy cleanup) as a side I provided a small handful of chips.Summer Time Fun Playdate 5

To drink I served apple juice boxes, to make them cuter I got rid of the straw it originally comes with and substituted it with a fun yellow paper straw. I just cut the paper straw and taped it to the side of the juice box with some washi tape.

Summer Time Fun Playdate 4

Now to the fun stuff, I created a bucket party favor that included some silly string, bubbles, a disk flying toy, and some crayons. The boys loved their fun buckets!!!Summer Time Fun Playdate 6

We all had a blast at our Summer time fun playdate. I enjoyed putting it all together and watching my sons have so much fun.Summer Fun Playdate

Do you have any Summer playdates planned?


  1. These are GREAT ideas – we’re having a play date this weekend and I’m definitely borrowing from you to make sure the kids have tons of fun!

    1. Thank you so much Keisha. I am sure the kids will have a blast at the playdate.

  2. This is so sweet. Love it. Perfect for summer play dates.

    1. Thank you so much Sunny 😀

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