So here I am sharing back to school party ideas already, it feels like I just recently shared our Robot Valentine’s Party yesterday. As hard as it is to believe though the kids are going back to school soon and I have the perfect party to get them excited to return.Back To School Party Ideas 1

This party is not hard to put together and it is easy on the pockets. Creating a budget friendly party was important to me since there is a lot of spending going on to get the kids ready for school.
Back To School Party Ideas 3I had a lot of my table elements already from my sons craft stash but even if you don’t have many of these items right now is the perfect time to buy them since they are all mostly on sale.

Mini store bought cupcakes sat on top of a pencil box.
Back To School Party Ideas 2 I put together some school supplies buckets to give my sons. Inside I placed a new box of crayons, safety scissors, and a new bottle of glue. Back To School Party Ideas 11 I took the letters and shape foam stickers that my sons have and placed them inside a jar for decoration. I used their finger paint as decorations too by just making a pyramid out of them.Back To School Party Ideas 5For lunch I served my very own lunchables, they were so fun to make and put together.
Back To School Party Ideas 7My sons loved the lunch I made them and after they finished all of it they were allowed to eat the candy 🙂
Back To School Party Ideas 10 My banner was so easy to make, I just used my youngest sons flash cards and taped them to a piece of ribbon. That’s it, simple and quick too!Back To School Party Ideas 12Pin Me!
Back To School Party Ideas

I hope my back to school party ideas inspired you. Do you plan on on throwing your kids and their friends a back to school party?

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