Hi everyone happy Friday, today I will be sharing a FREE lunch note printable that you can use for your kids school lunch bag.

FREE Lunch Note Printable 3

My sons started school already and I miss them like crazy when they aren’t home I am hoping they miss me too haha. When I was sitting down planning out the school lunches I knew I wanted to add a little note that would put a smile on their faces when they open up their lunches. So I created these 4 different notes, they are simple but to the point. FREE Lunch Note Printable 4I love how they turned out and I want to share them with you all so you can also add a sweet note to your children’s lunches. All you have to do is

  • Download the free printable HERE
  • Cut out the notes
  • Add to the lunch by either dropping it their bag, taping it to their lunch container or punching a hole and running some ribbon through it to tie it to their bag

FREE Lunch Note Printable 5 FREE Lunch Note Printable 6Do you add a note to your kids lunch?
FREE Lunch Note Printable


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