Hello everyone, today I am sharing a train lunch box tutorial that is super easy to make. It is a great alternative to use instead of regular plates, this train lunch box will have the kids giddy and excited to sit down and have their party lunch.

So let’s get started by first gathering all our supplies (all of which I had on hand already):

  • Small box
  • Paper towel tube (cut down)
  • Juice box
  • Card stock paper (in your color choices I went with blue, yellow, red, and a little black)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun (not pictured)

Train Lunch Box Tutorial 1 Next cut off the top part of your boxTrain Lunch Box Tutorial 2 Then wrap the sides of the box, the paper towel tube, and the juice box with your card stock
**Make sure to remove the straw from the juice box before wrapping it**
Train Lunch Box Tutorial 3Next I cut out a small rectangle from black card stock to make the conductors window and glued it to the side of the juice box. I also cut out 3 circle pieces in black card stock to make wheels, for the back wheel I used the bottom of a water bottle and for the front ones I used the paper towel tube as my guide.
Train Lunch Box Tutorial 4That’s it, so easy to make right? Train Lunch Box Tutorial 8 I filled our lunch box with a sandwich (inside the red polka dot bag), a cup with fruit, a folded paper napkin, a wooden spoon, and of course the straw for the apple juice. Train Lunch Box Tutorial 5

I had so much fun putting these train lunch boxes together and my boys loved them they wanted me to serve their lunch in them everyday. Are you planning a train party?

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