Oh how I love Halloween, the number one thing I do with my boys to celebrate through out the whole month is create yummy and easy Halloween treats. Today I will show you how to create these Frankenstein pudding cups. It is so easy your kids can do them on their own while you just supervise.
Frankenstein Pudding Cups by Creativities Galore

First gather all your supplies and ingredients:

  • Vanilla Pudding
  • Green food coloring
  • OREOS (or any chocolate cookie will do)
  • Sandwich bag
  • Rolling pin
  • Black Sharpie
  • Clear cup

For the clear cup that I used I needed 2 pudding cups and about 4 OreosFrankenstein Pudding Cups 1I dumped my vanilla pudding into my bowl, added a couple (4) green food coloring drops and mixed. Then I continued adding drops and mixing until I got the green color that I wanted.
Frankenstein Pudding Cups 2 After my pudding was the perfect green I set it to the side and got my cookies. I used OREOS so I removed the filling. Frankenstein Pudding Cups 3 Next place your cookies in your sandwich bag and begin rolling with your rolling pin until they are all broken into tiny pieces.Frankenstein Pudding Cups 4 After that is done you can begin assembling. Pour your green pudding mixture into the clear cup and then top with the crumbled OREO cookies. Next take a black marker and draw on your Frankensteins face. That’s it you’re done and Frankenstein is ready for your Halloween party.

These Frankenstein pudding cups were originally shared on my Halloween Craft Party, you can check out all those party details here.

Do you think your kids will enjoy making these Frankenstein pudding cups?

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