Happy Spring everyone! We have had some beautiful weather around here lately (except the 2 day of rain this week). Our nice weather got me thinking about Spring parties. This easy to create Spring party that I am sharing today is perfect for the beautiful outdoors.
Easy to Create Spring Party

For my Spring party I chose the colors teal, pink and a hint of yellow, these colors totally scream Spring to me. On a table I set out some food, drinks and desserts.
Easy to Create Spring PartyI used some takeout containers to place my food in, that way the guest could just easily grab a box and it had everything they needed inside to enjoy a delicious lunch. Just tie them off with some teal tulle and they are dressed and ready to go.Easy to Create Spring Party Inside the takeout container was a turkey sandwich, pretzels, strawberries, napkin, and cutlery. Everything fit perfect in there and it also makes cleaning up easier because when your guest are done eating they can just throw it away.Easy to Create Spring Party To drink I provided individual raspberry lemonade bottles and I taped a fun floral paper straw to each one. Easy to Create Spring Party I also served cupcakes, I almost always serve store-bought cupcakes because it is just easier and all I have to do is dress them up. These cupcakes were dressed up with some flower cupcake toppers that I created. Easy to Create Spring PartySome tips for an easy to create Spring party would be:

  • Easy lunch (sandwich, pasta, salads)
  • Individual bottled drinks
  • Store bought desserts
  • And last but not least have fun and enjoy the wonderful weather!

Easy to Create Spring PartyI hope this has inspired you to throw your own Spring party!

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