Happy Wednesday, today I will be sharing a St. Patrick’s Day tablescape that you can re-create. It is so fun to set up holiday tables for breakfast because that gets your kids excited to get the holiday started. Plus, it is a great way to create more memories with your children. They will begin to look forward to the decorated breakfast tables.

St. Patrick's Day Tablescape

This St. Patrick’s Day tablescape didn’t need many items to look nice and to have the St. Patrick’s Day feel. I went with a black, green, and white color scheme. The place setting had a green and white polka dot plate with a mini cauldron in the center that was filled with gold. Ok ok maybe it wasn’t filled with real gold but it did have plastic gold coins that the kids can use to play. Another element that was added to the place setting was a pencil, the pencil served as another party favor. I don’t know about your kids but mine are constantly loosing their pencils so they can never have too many. St. Patrick's Day Tablescape For their drinks, I used some black and white stripped plastic cups. Using a solid color table cover helped to not have the table be too busy with patterns. Placing the mix of the polka dots and stripes was just perfect on the black table cover.St. Patrick's Day Tablescape St. Patrick's Day Tablescape My St. Patrick’s Day tablescape needed a centerpiece and I created one that only cost me $1. I went to the dollar store and picked up a pack of foam shamrocks, then I just placed them down my table in a pattern. My favorite ones were the glittered one! The centerpiece was super easy, budget friendly, and it helped tie into the St. Patrick’s Day theme.
St. Patrick's Day Tablescape Once I gathered all my supplies it didn’t take me long to set up and it will help create wonderful memories with my two sons.St. Patrick's Day Tablescape


Do you like dressing up your table for the holidays? Will you be creating a St. Patrick’s Day tablescape?
St. Patrick's Day Tablescape

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