Back to school season is among us, my boys have 3 more weeks of vacation but others have started to go back already. Although I am sad that their vacation is going to end I do look forward to the stuff that back to school brings. For example, the school supplies shopping as well as the organizing that I get to do in order to give us easy mornings. One thing that I will be including in my boys backpacks on the first day of school is this teacher questionnaire that I created.

For the past couple of years that my sons have been in school I tend to over think the teacher gifts that I send with them for occasions like teacher appreciation day or Valentine’s Day. I would think to myself “What if their teacher doesn’t like this type of chocolate” or “What if their teacher doesn’t even like coffee”. Well this year I will be making things easier on me by sending this teacher questionnaire. The questions I chose help make gift buying easier and less stressful.Back to school teacher questionnaire that can be sent to your child's new teacher so you can get to know them better.

Every new school year I get a small folder where I put important or special papers and projects that my sons bring home from school. Each one of them gets their own folder and that is where I will put the teacher questionnaire that corresponds to their teacher. This way I will know where the questionnaire is when I need to buy them a gift.

In order to make things easier and less stressful for you when you need to buy your child’s teacher a gift I have provided this teacher questionnaire as a free download. Just click HERE and print as many as you need (for personal use only).

Wishing you and your children a wonderful new school year!

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