On the 9th day of Christmas I bring you an adorable beauty mini gift stocking. I love beauty products and many people I know do as well so a perfect gift to give is a couple of favorite beauty products. Here is a fun and cute way to present them with their gift.beauty mini gift stockingThe supplies I chose for my beauty mini gift stocking are:

  • Mini gift stocking
  • Mini body spray
  • Lipstick
  • and a nail polish

beauty mini gift stockingAfter choosing the beauty products that I wanted to give I simply put them inside this adorable mini canvas stocking. I began by placing the nail polish in first and then the lipstick and body spray were on top and sticking out a little bit.beauty mini gift stockingThat’s all there is to it and now you are left with a wonderful beauty mini gift stocking that is sure to be a hit.beauty mini gift stockingDon’t forget to check out the rest of the 12 days of Christmas series

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