I know this is super last minute but I have a New Year’s activity sheet for you to print out and give to the kids on New Year’s Eve. My oldest son has actually been telling me for about 2 weeks to do this New Year’s activity sheet but with them being on vacation there was just no time to sit down and create it. Today I finally told myself that I needed to get this New Year’s activity sheet so I sat down and got it done. Since my son was asking for this activity sheet I asked him to help me design the basic concept. He ended up choosing a word search, tic-tac-toe, and to design a party hat.

The good thing about this last minute post is that it is easy to just print out this New Year’s activity sheet for each little guests and maybe some extras for the adults. This printable will help keep the kiddos entertained during tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

What are you New Year’s Eve plans?


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