Life can get super busy sometimes with work, kids activities, and errands so having friends over can be tough. Well the party that I am sharing with you today was set up in about 30 minutes. Award season is upon us and the Oscars are actually coming up on March 4th and it’s a perfect reason to have your girlfriends over. You can set up a super easy award show viewing party and chat about the fabulous and not so fabulous fashion.

Let’s roll out the red carpet and get started!Award Show Viewing Party When letting your friends now about the award show viewing party that you will be hosting make sure to let them know to dress up in the spirit of the red carpet fashion. When your friends arrive you can give them one of these 3D gold star awards.Award Show Viewing PartyCan’t have a viewing party without some popcorn right? Even your popcorn can get dressed up by being placed inside of these tuxedo boxes from Dollar Tree.Award Show Viewing PartyAnd another yummy snack option can be some berries in little appetizer glasses.Award Show Viewing PartyBy keeping the snacks to a minimum you can easily set up everything in less than 30 minutes. And to not add any stress to yourself just have dinner catered. You can get the main course catered and your friends can bring a side dish.

I hope this award show viewing party gave you some inspiration to throw your own viewing party. Check out our other award show inspiration here.Award Show Viewing Party

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