Earlier I shared an award show viewing party that I set up in about 30 minutes. In that party I featured some 3D gold stars that I think are perfect for awards to give out to your friends as they arrive to the viewing party. This diy gold star award is also very quick to craft up, you can easily do a bunch in such little time. DIY Gold Star AwardHere is the extensive list of supplies you will need. Just kidding all you need is two things , yes you read that right just two things. You will need some gold star cut outs (each award needs 2 stars) and scissors. For your cut outs you can either buy some (I believe I have seen some at Dollar Tree), use a die cutting machine, or free hand cut star shapes.DIY Gold Star AwardOnce you have your star cut outs take your scissors and cut a slit from the bottom up to the middle on one star. Then take your second star and cut a slit from the top down to the middle.DIY Gold Star AwardAfter you have done the slits on both star pieces you just need to slide them together.DIY Gold Star AwardThat is all there is to this diy gold star award. They are so simple and cute plus they stand up on their own so you can place them on your dessert table for some added decor.DIY Gold Star AwardYour friends will love receiving these glitterific gold star awards when they arrive all dressed up to your award show viewing party. Happy crafting!!!DIY Gold Star Award

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