Ok, anyone else excited for the upcoming Royal Wedding? I know I am and this time I get to throw a viewing party for myself. I usually throw viewing parties for my son’s like this Lego Batman movie viewing party. Since I can not wait to watch the Royal Wedding I thought I would share an easy and quick Royal Wedding viewing party. Since they are on the other side of the pond I know some people will not be watching live. Only because you will be watching the recording on your DVR that doesn’t mean you can not throw a viewing party. Let’s start by printing out these FREE Royal wedding viewing party printables that I created for the occasion.

After printing out the free printables you will simply cut them out and begin setting them up with your other decor. Some decor that can not be missed at a Royal Wedding viewing party is tea cups.I set out some yummy store bought vanilla cupcakes that were dressed up with the free printables.Now I understand that not all the guests might want tea so I placed some wine glasses that can be filled with water. Those glasses were also decorated with some of the printables I created.What’s a viewing party without popcorn, right? I hope this Royal Wedding viewing party inspired you for your own viewing party. And I hope that you enjoy the free printables that I created!

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