I am so excited to be a part of the Craft Lightning Challenge again this month. For today’s project (which is under 15 minutes by the way) are these awesome dinosaur burlap napkin rings. We saw the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom recently and that is what inspired this lightning fast project. How to Make Dinosaur Burlap Napkin RingsDinosaurs have always been such a hit with kids and adults, they are simply fascinating creatures. My boys love dinosaurs especially my youngest so I had bought him some of these mini plastic dinosaurs at Dollar Tree and those are what I used to add a little something to the burlap napkin rings so they wouldn’t be too plain. The supplies that I used are super budget friendly I used things that I had around the house and the other stuff is from Dollar Tree. Let’s get started with the tutorial!


  • Burlap ribbon (I bought mine at Dollar Tree)
  • Mini plastic dinosaur figurines (Dollar Tree)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Paper towel tube
  • Napkins (I used cloth napkins)
  • Ruler

How to Make Dinosaur Burlap Napkin RingsThe first thing you will need to do is measure out the spacing on the tube so you know where to cut. I measured out every 1.5 inches from the paper towel tube, at those measurements I could of easily done 7 napkin rings. After the measuring is done you can cut out your napkin ring base.How to Make Dinosaur Burlap Napkin RingsNext, measure the burlap around the napkin ring base and cut it. Then you just have to hot glue the burlap ribbon to the base. I only glued where the two ends meet because I didn’t want hot glue showing through out the whole thing.How to Make Dinosaur Burlap Napkin RingsNow, the final step is to just glue your mini plastic dinosaurs to the burlap napkin rings and you’re done!How to Make Dinosaur Burlap Napkin RingsI mean how easy and budget friendly as these guys. I love how they turned out and they look even better when added to the green napkin. I hope this tutorial was useful and that you create your very own dinosaur burlap napkin rings for your own dinosaur party. How to Make Dinosaur Burlap Napkin RingsHappy crafting!!!How to Make Dinosaur Burlap Napkin Rings

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  1. These would be great for a birthday party! Thanks for joining!

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