My boys love LEGOS and always want to take them everywhere. We’ve spent quite some time in the car this Summer and I knew I had to create something so they could take their LEGOS to keep busy on the road. With the help of Dollar Tree I was able to create a LEGO travel box for each one of my boys on a very small budget.Lego Travel Box Besides this project being budget friendly it is also very easy and quick to put together. I seriously put these together in a matter of minutes one day before we were heading out the door. That also included me taking pictures in order to share them with you all. The supplies you will need are:

  • Square food storage tubs (Dollar Tree has these in a pack of 2)
  • Base plate (also from Dollar Tree)
  • Cardboard pieces cut to the size of the lid
  • Hot Glue Gun (affiliate link)


Lego Travel BoxThe first thing I did was glue the cardboard to the top of the lid. So far the hot glue has held up good but just in case it doesn’t work too well for you any other strong glue will help. Lego Travel BoxI then added hot glue all over the top of the cardboard.Lego Travel BoxNext I added the base plates to the hot glue on top of the cardboard.Lego Travel BoxAnd that’s it! They are ready to be filled with LEGO pieces and to be put in the car for your kids entertainment.Lego Travel BoxEver since I created the LEGO travel box for my boys they have been enjoying creating their LEGO masterpieces in the car while we get to our destination.

I hope this LEGO travel box inspires you to make one for your kids. Not only will they love it but it will cut down on the bickering that goes on in the back seat. It’s a win win lol. Happy crafting!Lego Travel Box

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