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How to Make a Mickey Mouse Autograph Book

Welcome back to another Disney Fun Friday post! Today I am so excited to share how you can create your very own Mickey Mouse autograph book. Are you planning a Disneyland trip soon? The souvenirs in Disneyland can get expensive and making your own autograph book will cut down cost on buying one in the park.

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Mickey Mouse Autograph Book
Ok let’s get started with the supplies:

  • Small notebook (I got mine in a pack of 3 at Dollar Tree)
  • Cardstock paper in the colors black, red, and white
  • Glue Stick
  • ScissorsMickey Mouse Autograph BookThe first thing to do is trace out the front and back of the notebook onto the black cardstock paper. This will cover all of the previous design on the notebook.Mickey Mouse Autograph BookNext glue down the black paper to the front and back cover of the notebook.Mickey Mouse Autograph BookUsing a glue stick to glue down your new cover will help keep it smooth. If you use liquid glue the placement of the glue might show through giving it a weird look.Mickey Mouse Autograph BookNext you will cut out a rectangle piece of red cardstock paper to glue to the front of your notebook. This will be the Mickey Mouse “shorts”Mickey Mouse Autograph BookNow cut out two circles with the black cardstock paper and glue them to the inside of the front cover. Mickey Mouse Autograph BookThe final step to creating your Mickey Mouse autograph book is to cut out two small white circles to resemble the buttons on the shorts. Once you glue those two buttons down your Mickey Mouse autograph book will be complete.Mickey Mouse Autograph BookNow that your Mickey Mouse autograph book is ready for it’s trip to Disneyland you can also make a Minnie Mouse pen that can coordinate with the book. I hope my budget friendly Mickey Mouse autograph book inspires you to make your own. Happy Disney crafting!Mickey Mouse Autograph Book

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