Hi everybody, have you all been busy getting ready for back to school? I am almost done with the back to school shopping and this year it is the earliest I have ever been ready lol. Although I am not ready mentally for my boys to go back to school I am excited for us to have some structure back in our lives. One of the things that I decided to incorporate this upcoming school year to make my kids lives easier is a homework supplies caddy. Last year they would take their pencil boxes out of their backpacks and use those supplies to do their homework but occasionally they would forget to put their boxes back in the backpacks. To avoid that from happening I decided to have a designated area at home with the stuff they need.

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Homework Supplies Caddy This is what I have so far for the homework supplies caddy. I do plan on adding a little bit more but you will get the idea of what I am thinking of doing here.

Homework Supplies Caddy

The supplies I have so far are:

Homework Supplies CaddyOnce I gathered everything that I planned on using I just began filling up the small homework supplies caddy.Homework Supplies CaddyAnd that was it, now my kids have a designated area that holds all their homework supplies. Once they get home from school they can just go and grab their homework supplies caddy and get to work.Homework Supplies CaddyI placed our homework supplies caddy by our printer and our stapler so this area has essentially become their homework station as well. I hope this homework supplies caddy idea inspires you to create your own.Homework Supplies Caddy

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