Hello everyone, I am so happy to be back with another fun and easy craft project for you as part of this months craft lightening challenge. The Craft Lightning challenge is where a couple of us bloggers create a craft project that can be done in 15 minutes or less; not including drying time if there is paint involved. For this months challenge I created a little something Halloween related; spider web hot glue coasters. I love how it turned out I did two versions one with glitter and one without. They both turned out great!Spider Web Hot Glue Coasters

As I mentioned earlier crafts made in this challenge need to be done in 15 minutes or less (excluding drying time). My craft includes paint so there will be some drying time in between coats but it actually dries pretty quick. Ok, lets get started with the supplies you will need:

  • My spider web coaster template
  • A piece of glass (I used the glass from a picture frame)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Glitter paint (glitter glue might even work too)

The first step is to print out your spider web coaster template. Then place the piece of glass over the template.Spider Web Hot Glue Coasters

Next you will grab your glue gun and beginning tracing the spider web. Next let the glue dry completely.
Spider Web Hot Glue Coasters

After I let it glue dry I carefully peeled off my hot glue coasters. This now means I have my base which I can decorate any way I want.Spider Web Hot Glue Coasters

I chose to decorate my spider web hot glue coasters with some black paint and glitter. I did two coats of the black paint then on some of the coasters I decided to add some glitter paint to give it an extra pop.Spider Web Hot Glue Coasters

I love how these little spider web hot glue coasters turned out. They will be the perfect detail to a Halloween party tablescape.Spider Web Hot Glue Coasters

Here is the spider web hot glue coaster in action, it is the perfect size for these drink glasses. I hope this craft lightening challenge inspired you to break out the glue gun and craft. 
Spider Web Hot Glue Coasters

Spider Web Hot Glue CoastersThis months craft challenge is a little more special then the previous ones because the hot glue theme was chosen to celebrate Angie and Carolina’s new book called Hot Glue Hacks and Crafts. You must check it out, it is filled with the step by step process of FIFTY craft projects!!!!!

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