If you are hosting Christmas dinner then today’s party tip will be very helpful for your dinner tablescape. I am sharing a quick and easy Christmas napkin ring. Seriously you can whip up these napkin rings in a matter of minutes.Christmas Napkin Ring Napkin rings add such a pretty detail for a table setting but the can sometimes get expensive which is why I am excited to share this super budget friendly Christmas napkin ring.Christmas Napkin RingThe supplies I gathered were

  • Napkin
  • Super mini clothespin (I got a pack of 50 at Dollar Tree)
  • Store bought die cut images (I got mine at Michaels) or cut out your own
  • Ribbon scrap
  • Glue gun

Christmas Napkin RingThe first thing I did was tie my ribbon scrap around the middle of my napkin.Christmas Napkin RingNext I hot glued the mini clothespin to the back of the die cut I chose.Christmas Napkin RingAnd finally I just clipped the mini clothespin to the scrap ribbon tied around the napkin. Once it is all done you just place it on top of your dinner plates or next to it, it’s that simple.

I hope this quick and easy Christmas napkin ring inspired you to craft up your very own for your Christmas dinner tablescape. Happy holidays! Christmas Napkin Ring

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