Confetti tubes are a fun way to celebrate any occasion. Today I am sharing how to make your own New Year’s Eve confetti tubes to help ring in the new year. DIY New Year's Confetti Tubes These New Year’s Eve confetti tubes were easy to make with the help of my Cricut Cuttlebug and it’s accessories. Let’s get started with the easy step by step. The supplies I used were:

  • Cricut Cuttlebug (plus the accessories that came with it; platform, mat, and cutting plates)
  • Confetti Die Cuts
  • Plastic tubes (if you don’t have the tubes you can use little clear bags)
  • Paper in your choice of colors
  • Hole punch (the glitter paper i used didn’t cut well with the cuttle bug)

DIY New Year's Confetti TubesThe first step was to cut out the confetti pieces from the regular cardstock with my Cuttlebug. The order that you have to follow is platform, one cutting plate, mat, die cuts, paper, then the 2nd cutting plateDIY New Year's Confetti TubesOnce you have all your pieces set up you can just pass it through the Cricut Cuttlebug and it will cut out the little pieces.DIY New Year's Confetti TubesOnce your Cricut Cuttlebug cut out the pieces you can use a small needle to help you release the tiny pieces. Repeat the process with different color paper until you have the amount of confetti you would like. I used a hole punch to punch out glitter pieces because the glitter paper I have didn’t cut well with my Cricut Cuttlebug. DIY New Year's Confetti TubesNext you just have to fill up your tube with your confetti and close it up. You now have confetti tubes to use on New Year’s Eve to celebrate. Happy crafting!DIY New Year's Confetti Tubes I am sharing how easy it is to make New Year's Eve confetti tubes with the help of the Cricut Cuttlebug. The confetti tubes will help celebrate the new year

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