I am so excited to share today’s craft project with you I think it turned out so snow-dorable. Now this year I am handing out mostly gift cards haha but I didn’t want to just hand out the card so plainly. One of the ways I decided to gift the cards was in a snowman gift card jar. This project was inspired by my snowman ornament from the previous year.Snowman Gift Card Jar I am going to share just how easy it is to make this snowman gift card jar.Snowman Gift Card JarThe supplies you will need are:

  • Plain jar
  • White crinkled paper
  • Black marker
  • Orange marker
  • Ribbon or felt
  • Gift card
  • Black Paint

First you will need to paint the jars lid with the black paint so it can resemble the snowman’s hat.

Snowman Gift Card JarWhile the paint dries you can continue to assemble the snowman gift card jar. Begin assembling by filling the jar halfway with the white crinkled paper then place your gift card in the middle.Snowman Gift Card JarNext add more white crinkled paper to finish filling up the jar and close it with the painted lid. Snowman Gift Card JarThe final steps are to tie the ribbon or felt around the jar towards the bottom to resemble the scarf. Now you will know where to draw the face. Use your black and orange markers to draw on the simple snowman face. Once your face is drawn on you are now complete.

I hope this snowman gift card jar has inspired you to create your own. Happy holidays!Snowman Gift Card Jar

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