We have been Los Angeles Zoo annual pass members for the past 3 years and in those years I have learned a trick or two to make our visits easier and more enjoyable. On my last visit I made a list of zoo tips to share with you while I was sitting down having lunch with my boys. I will be sharing those 10 simple zoo tips with you today in hopes that they will make your next zoo visit more enjoyable. Some of these zoo tips can also be useful for other outings you plan to take with your family.

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Top 10 Zoo Tips by Creativities Galore

Our first visit is to my oldest sons favorite reptile the alligator. On our last visit there were actually 2 alligators in the habit and my son was so excited to see them both.

We enjoyed the pretty scenery.

At the beginning of the Zoo they have stations set up where you can pet certain animals. One of my tips that I will be sharing later in this post will be useful for this part of your trip.

An elephant just hanging by the waterfall.

The giraffe’s are so beautiful. My boys fed them on our last visit and they were so excited about the experience.

zoo tips

Hello there zebras.

Ok and now for the tips that I have compiled for you.

1. Stay hydrated (water bottles, camel backpack)
2. Take sunscreen
3. Take lots of snacks maybe even lunch
4. Take Zoo activity book (gets the kids more interactive on their visit)
5. Wear hats to block the sun
6. Take a first aid kit (many hills, kids can fall)
7. Take and use lots of hand sanitizer (useful after petting the animals from the petting stations and petting zoo).
8. Arrive early (animals are more alert)
9. Plan ahead (view map online, showtimes)
10. Take the tram to the top where there is a playground (they play, you sit & relax) then work your way downhill.

I hope these 10 simple zoo tips are useful for your next visit. Even though I based the tips on my experience at the Los Angeles Zoo I am sure they can be useful for any other zoo you plan to visit.

Top 10 Zoo Tips by Creativities Galore

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