My boys love visiting the Los Angeles Zoo so much that we have been annual members for a couple of years now. Even though they get excited for their visit like if it was the first time they are going I wanted to add a little something more to the excitement. For our last visit I made them each a zoo activity book which they both enjoyed, so I thought I would share it with you.

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How to make a zoo activity book

To make this zoo activity book I used a printable I created and my Cricut Maker. Other supplies I used are:

zoo book The first thing I did was print out my printable and cut off the edges zoo bookNext I opened my Cricut Design Space and opened up the designs I put together to complete this zoo activity book. Once I clicked “Make It” I followed the on screen instructions to know when to switch out tools and paper.

HINT: For the front cover with the name I used a plain white cardstock. My machine wrote the name and cut it out. For the part that has the animals to color I used the back of the printable.zoo book Here are all the pieces cut out and drawn on. Now I need to assemble them.zoo book zoo book The first thing I assembled is the pocket that will go on the front. I folded the score lines and glued the tabs together. zoo book Next I glue the ‘Zoo Day’ wording on the elephant and glue that on top of the pocket.zoo book While the pocket dries I move on to the booklet. I begin by folding the 2 cardstock papers in half then place one inside the other. zoo book Now since I only have a regular stapler I used 2 books to help me staple them together. I did this by first putting the books together spine to spine as shown below. zoo bookNext I opened the 2 cardstock pages and placed them down on top of the books. The middle of the pages were lined up right on top of where the book spines meet. Next I opened my stapler and stapled down the middle of the pages.zoo book I only stapled it 3 times but if you want you can add more. Next I turned over the pages and used a nickel to close the staples through the inside of the booklet.zoo bookThen, I glued the pocket down to the front of the zoo activity book.zoo book And that’s all there is to it. A fun zoo activity book that will get the kids more excited for their next zoo trip.zoo book I hope this inspires you to create a zoo activity book for your kids next zoo trip. Happy crafting!How to make a zoo activity book

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