I am so excited to share this free Halloween tic-tac-toe printable with you. I remember when I was little I would get so excited to make small bags of candy to pass out to my classmates. But I know that now a lot of schools are going candy free and encouraging the students to take alternatives to pass out to their classmates. That’s where this printable comes in to play.


I decided to do a Halloween tic-tac-toe board because my boys love to play tic-tac- toe. When we are out to dinner they always draw out the board and play while waiting for their food. For this printable I fit four tic-tac-toe cards on one sheet. Print out as many as your child needs (for personal use only) and simply cut them out.


If your child chooses to personalize it to each classmate I added the option at the bottom for them to fill out. I even suggest to place each card inside a cellophane bag and add some small circle cutouts to be the game pieces.


If you use this printable I would love it if you shared pictures with me. If you share on Instagram make sure to tag me I would love to repost it on my stories.

Click here for your free Halloween tic-tac-toe printable.free-halloween-tic-tac-toe-printable

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