I am so excited to share another Halloween craft project. This time I am sprucing up some Halloween decor I got on clearance last year. Everyone seems to love the small suede pumpkins from Target (myself included) but I wanted to add a little something to mine to make it a little different from everyone else’s.

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Halloween Decor with the EasyPress Mini

Updated on September 15, 2023 to be included in the Team Creative Crafts pumpkin theme blog hop.

For this craft project I got to use the newest addition to the Cricut EasyPress family, the Cricut EasyPress Mini.  Even though I have the EasyPress in the other sizes this new mini one is a great companion to those. The EasyPress Mini is perfect for small details on projects like hats, shoes, pockets, or in my case the small suede pumpkin from Target. A great thing about the EasyPress Mini is that it offers the same benefits and technology as the EasyPress 2 (even heat plate and easy-to-use heat settings for effortless heat transfers). Ok, now onto the SUPER EASY craft tutorial. First let’s gather our supplies:

Next open up Cricut Design Space and type out the word you would like to add to your pumpkin. When you are done typing your word and sizing it click make it and follow the on screen instructions. Remember to MIRROR your image since we are working with glitter iron-on. When placing your glitter iron-on to your standard grip mat remember to put it face down. I like to use my brayer to help it stick down to the standard grip mat.

When your Explore Air 2 is down cutting your word just use scissors to cut it out from the rest of the uncut glitter iron-on.

Next weed out any iron-on that you do not need.

Now place your word onto your suede pumpkin and turn on your Cricut EasyPress Mini. I set mine to the middle setting.

Once your EasyPress Mini is done heating up run it over your glitter iron-on. When using the EasyPress Mini you actually don’t press down like you would with the other EasyPresses. With this one you need to do a continuous motion like when you iron clothing.This part of the project seriously only took a couple of seconds, right away I noticed that the glitter was adhered to the suede pumpkin.

Now for the final reveal just peel off the clear film.

And that is it. I mean come on, how easy was that right? I think the glitter iron-on was a good addition to the suede pumpkin.Halloween Decor with the EasyPress Mini

I hope this easy craft project inspired you to spruce up your Halloween decor. Happy crafting!Halloween Decor with the EasyPress Mini


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