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How to Paint Plastic Easter Eggs

I am so excited for Easter crafts and I am kicking it off by showing you how to paint plastic Easter eggs. You will be able to transform those boring, plain, plastic Easter eggs in a matter of minutes. These colors of the DecoArt Fluid Art Ready-to-Pour Acrylic are also perfect for Easter.

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The first thing you will need to do is gather the supplies. To paint my plastic Easter eggs I used (links to items I used or similar):

The first step is to fill your plastic eggs, I suggest non-edible items. Your next step in the process of painting your plastic Easter eggs is to insert to skewer in one of the holes at the end of the plastic egg. This will help spin the egg to be able to get the paint all over.

Next, begin pouring the acrylic paints over the plastic egg. The amazing thing about these new ready-to-pour acrylics is that you don’t need to add any additional additives to create beautiful pours. It is ready for you to use right out of those individual bottles.

When you finish adding the paint or even through out the process tap the skewer stick to help the paint run over the plastic egg. The acrylic flows easily over the surface though that you don’t have to do this step much.

When you are done adding your desired paint to each egg you can stick the skewer into a foam piece so the paint can dry. Look how beautiful and vivid those colors are on that plastic Easter egg. Once the paint is dry your eggs are ready to be put into the Easter baskets you are putting together. I hope this craft project has inspired you for your upcoming projects. Happy crafting!


  • Shake the acrylic bottle well before use
  • Add your egg contents before painting
  • To be on the safe side I suggest adding non edible items into your plastic eggs
  • For additional information on this new product visit

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  1. These eggs are gorgeous, Bianca!!

    1. Thank you so much Beth!!!

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