How to Make a Gamer Easter Basket

Ok, by now you have probably seen the individual components I created for this gamer Easter basket. If you haven’t don’t worry I will have them linked through out the post. But, now it is time to see it all put together.

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How to Make a Gamer Easter Basket

For this gamer Easter basket I actually used a big Easter egg¬†for the basket base but you can use a regular Easter basket too.Next I filled it with a little bit of paper shreds. This will serve as decor and to add height to some of the items that will go inside the gamer Easter basket.Now to add the contents. I started by placing the tic-tac-toe game in the back then I put the t-shirt in the center. To finish it off I added a gift card on one side and the gamer Easter bunny on the other side. If you want you can add candy in between the items but I chose not too since there will be candy in the Easter eggs that they will get in the Easter egg hunt.How to Make a Gamer Easter Basket I can’t wait to give my boys their Easter baskets they are going to love the gamer theme.How to Make a Gamer Easter Basket I hope this gamer Easter basket serves as inspiration for the Easter baskets you will be putting together. Wishing you all a great Easter safe at home with your family.How to Make a Gamer Easter Basket

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