How to Make a Gamer Easter Bunny by Creativities Galore

Hey everyone, today I am showing you how to make these adorable gamer Easter bunnies. I love that I can cut out Cricut felt so easily with my Maker, that allowed me to quickly make a gamer Easter bunny. I made one for each of my boys to include in their Easter baskets.

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The first thing I did was cut out my easter bunnies and the gaming control from Cricut felt on my Cricut Maker. You can find the design HERE.easter-bunnyFor the next step I would actually recommend sewing the two bunny pieces together. I currently don’t have a sewing machine with me so I had to hot glue them together. Hot gluing will work but you have to be SUPER careful when adding the Poly-Fil so the sides don’t pop open.

If you are hot gluing I recommend hot gluing one side first then the other side. Make sure to leave the bottom unattached so you can fill your bunny through there.easter-bunnyNext begin adding the Fairfield Poly-Fil Premium Fiber Fill a little bit at a time. I used a chopstick add the Poly-Fil to the bunny ears. easter-bunnyOnce it was filled I hot glued shut the bottom of the bunny.easter-bunnyTo finish it off I hot glued the gaming control to the bunnies hand and added some ribbon.How to Make a Gamer Easter Bunny by Creativities GaloreThis little gamer Easter bunny turned out so cute!!! I hope it inspires you to create your very own to add to your kids Easter baskets. Happy crafting!!!!How to Make a Gamer Easter Bunny by Creativities Galore

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