Have you been doing a lot more cleaning since being on quarantine? I know I have because with us being home ALL day and add dogs to that mix there is always something that needs to be cleaned. Today I will be sharing a free cleaning to do list printable that I made and that I have been using myself.

free cleaning to do list printable

I tend to do lists in my notebook on the areas I want to clean and then I break those areas down more specifically. But, I decided to make myself a cute cleaning to do list printable to write down the stuff that I want to clean. I figured maybe writing this down on a cute printable would make cleaning less daunting. Ok, let’s be honest it won’t lol but having a cute printable never hurt anyone, right? I’m planning on laminating my cleaning to do list printable so I don’t waste paper every single time I need to write out my cleaning to do list. Then I can just use a dry erase marker to write out what I need.

Get your own free cleaning to do list printable HERE

free cleaning to do list printableHave you been cleaning and/or organizing to pass time during this crazy pandemic? I know this will come in handy for me with the cleaning and re-organizing that I want to do before my boys start school again.

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