I am so excited to share this Halloween project with you and yes I know what you might be thinking “isn’t it too early for a Halloween project?” well with all the craziness going on I thought let’s just start bringing on all the holiday crafts possible. The first craft project I am sharing with you is how to make a Halloween frame. I just love how it turned out and I can not wait to set it out with all my other Halloween decorations.

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Halloween Frame with Fairfield World


The first thing I did was use my Cricut Maker to cut out a Frankenstein head and a witch hat from heavy chipboard. I ended up choosing the witch hat as you can see because it was just a better fit for the frame. The Frankenstein head was too big and took up a lot of the center.


Next, I painted the frame as well as the witch hat.


Then I hot glued the witch hat to my frame. Once the hot glue was dry I added Mod Podge to the witch hat. I was pretty generous with the Mod Podge (just try not to leave any little puddles I accidentally did and it made a bit of a difference).


Before the Mod Podge dries pour your Fairfield Glasslets over it and watch the magic happen lol. Honestly though when I poured the glass micro beads over the Mod Podge I didn’t expect it to look as cute as it did I simply love how it turned out. And now that’s it, you just need to wait for the Mod Podge to completely dry and your Halloween frame is complete.

Fairfield World Glasslets

Here is another close up of how the beads look once everything dried.

halloween frame

I am now obsessed with pouring Fairfield glass micro beads over a painted surface. What should I pour them over next?

halloween frame

























Happy crafting!!!!!

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