Hey there! Back in October I shared this popsicle stick Fall sign and today I am sharing a cute Spring version. I just love how cheery this little Spring sign turned out, it will look perfect on a tiered tray but I ended up keeping it on my desk.

For this project I used my Cricut Joy and y’all this little machine is perfect for crafts like this one, I also love it for card making. This past Christmas we mostly gave gift cards because I didn’t want to be out shopping and I didn’t want to order online and have the stuff not arrive on time. So, I used the Joy to make all the Christmas cards to place the gift cards inside. The Christmas cards turned out so cute and the were easy to create because I just used ready made projects in Cricut Design Space.

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Ok, let’s get crafty. We start by gathering our supplies:

Once I gathered my supplies I began cutting out the vinyl and then the card stock flowers. Here in Design Space you can see the sizes that I used for this size sign I made.

Next, I went ahead and began putting together my sign with some popsicle sticks. I just used hot glue to attach the popsicle sticks to each other like you see here in the picture. These are all the components needed to create the Spring sign. Now, I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of how I assembled the paper flowers (blogger fail). Honestly they aren’t hard to assemble, you just basically begin rolling the paper up from one end and then hot glue the other end to the rolled up part. To add the mason jar vinyl to the sign I did use some transfer tape but it really is not necessary.  My final step was to arrange the flowers to see where I wanted them placed. Once I liked their placement I just hot glued them down. And here we have the end result. I LOVE how it turned out, the colors are perfect and cheery.

I hope this Spring sign has inspired you to create your very own. Happy crafting!!!


  1. What a pretty little sign, can think of lots of ways to modify this idea!

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