When I was in elementary school I loved the classroom parties that the teachers would put together for us students. They were fun and created memories that I still remember till this day. One of my favorite holidays to celebrate in class was Valentine’s Day. I loved that we would craft up our own Valentine card bags or boxes and passing out Valentine cards was always fun. This bookmark Valentine card that I am sharing with you is one that I would have loved to give or receive in my elementary school days.

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I know because of covid19 things are different in many parts of the country with some kids being back in the classroom and others still doing virtual learning which is my boys current situation. But, I thought it would still be fun to share a Valentine’s Day card that will work for either situation currently happening. You can either make them for just your kids or for the whole class.

The supplies I used:

The first thing to do is open up the design I created on Cricut Design Space. Once that is open you can choose to change out some of the images or even resize the project. If you are happy with the way it already is then you just need to click make it and let the machine to its thing. The screen will let you know when you need to switch out the blades.

Once the bookmark Valentine card is cut out you can fill out the To and From. Then just use washi tape to add some crayons to the Valentine card and you are done. This card was seriously so easy to make! I think the hardest part for me was narrowing down which Valentine’s Day designs to use on the bookmark part of the Valentine card. Cricut Design Space has so many darling designs to choose from but I finally narrowed it down to these. Here you can see how the bookmark just tears apart from the side that has the crayons. That tear apart line is easily done because of the perforation blade that can only be used on the Cricut Maker.

I hope this bookmark Valentine card inspired you to create your own. Now tell me have your kids returned to in person school or are they are still doing virtual learning? If they are doing virtual learning will you still drop off Valentine’s to the their school for their classmates to pick up?

If you like this bookmark Valentine card then I am sure you will enjoy these others ones as well. Happy crafting!!

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