This cute tote bag is so easy to make and it is a great way to give a small colorful kindness gift. If you aren’t into sewing or don’t feel like making this tote bag no worries later on in this blog post I share 2 more ways to create and package up a colorful kindness gift. This idea is part of a series of ideas inspired by my friend Laura Kelly and her Kindness on Purpose book.

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How to make a simple tote bag: (some of the items linked are items I found closest to what I used):

I started by cutting 2 pieces of Fairfield World Oly*Fun into 5×6 (5 height and 6 wide) inch pieces. I also cut 2 pieces of rainbow ribbon, each 8 inches long.  Next I pinned the 2 pieces of Oly*Fun and sewed the sides as well as the bottom with a 1/4 inch seam. When I finished sewing, I diagonally cut off the bottom corners. This helped eliminate too much bunching in the corners when turned inside out.
Next, I turned the bag inside out and sewed the ribbon inside the top opening to make them into handles. Also since Oly*Fun doesn’t fray you don’t need to hem the top. This means that you are done with your tote bag. Now, you just need to add a colorful tag, fill up your kindness gift, and pass it out.  Here are 2 more ways to package up your kindness gift. For the actual gift I used a small notebook, crayons, and a kindness sticker.

1. Stack your gift items and tie them off with rainbow ribbon and a colorful tag. 2. Place your gift inside a clear cello bag. Then use washi to tape the colorful tag to the front. 

I hope this colorful kindness gift inspires you to make your own to pass out. Happy crafting and remember to be kind. 

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