Hey everyone, Easter is coming up and this year it lands on April 4th. Which means we need to start getting our Easter Basket stuffers. So, today I am sharing some ideas that my oldest son helped me pick out. I hope these ideas are helpful and what makes this list even more awesome is that some of these items were chosen from a really cool store called Beyond the Blackboard. They are a small business with 2 stores in Colorado but they also ship which helps make it easier to shop and support their business.

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Easter Basket Stuffer ideas picked out by my 12 year old:

My boys LOVE Legos so it should come to no surprise that they made this list twice (you’ll see the other one later on down the list). But, the first one I am sharing is this Harry Potter Lego mini figures.

Something else that my 12 year old enjoys are Rubik cubes. He has the original one, the 2×2 cube, as well as a gears one. A Rubik’s cube is great Easter basket stuffer.
As we were going through the different categories this Plus-Plus (Dragon) caught his eye. On Beyond the Blackboard they have other characters to build but he really liked this dragon one.  Something he found interesting was this Ferromagnetic Fluid. It is a cool way to experiment with magnets.
Since the pandemic began both of my boys started doing a lot more drawing. This Learn to Draw Disney/Pixar Characters book would be a hit in both of their Easter baskets.

Next on our list is this Crystal Dragon science kit. Both of us thought this would be a fun experiment for him to do.

Next we have this Stomp Rocket. Kids will have fun stomping and seeing how high the rocket goes. I am pretty sure you can see a bit of a pattern here for building. My son just loves to build things from toys like the ones we are featuring here to things out of card board boxes. Which is why we have another building toy here with these SolarBots. Now, we have the second Lego item on our list and of course it had to be an Avengers Lego set. Last but not least, we have this cool Stegosaurus digging kit.

This Easter Basket list pretty much sums up both of my boys in a nutshell. Hope this was helpful!

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