Are you starting to think of the outdoor gatherings you will be hosting this Summer? The weather here has been beautiful and it has me excited at the thought of the outdoor gatherings we will be able to finally host (safely of course). As part of the Creative Crafts blog hop I made a Patriotic party favor that is perfect to pass out at those Summer gatherings.

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Supplies to create your own Patriotic party favor:

I started by cutting the paper tube in half.
Next, I added double sided tape to top of my tube as shown here below.  Then I took some tissue paper and placed it over the top opening of the tube pressing down along the double sided tape to adhere it. Next, flip the tube over to the other opening and place small candies or toys inside and repeat the previous step. Make sure to not add anything too heavy or something that can puncture the tissue paper.  Next, I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to cover my tube.  I used double-sided tape on both ends of the paper to adhere it to the tube. My next step was to make a tiny hole at the center of the tissue paper. That is where I ran through a small piece of ribbon. The ribbon I used was from Dollar Tree but it was part of their Christmas ribbons. Any ribbon trim that is similar to this one will work or even some pipe cleaners.  My final step was to decorate it with some stars that I punched out of blue cardstock. I used 3D foam circles to adhere them to the front of my Patriotic party favor.  I hope this craft inspires you. Happy crafting!!!

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  1. I can totally see these filled with candy, Blanca!! Thanks for joining in the Creative Crafts FUN!!

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