Last year I did a lot of home activities with my boys and this year I plan to do the same. One thing I am really looking forward to doing is creating a Summer camp for them. I still haven’t decided if I should do a theme like an ocean Summer camp or just stick to a general Summer camp. I might not know the theme but I do know that I want to create a tote bag for each of them to carry their camp supplies.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World and I received products/compensation in exchange for my craft idea. But all opinions are 100% my own. Some of the links used here are affiliate, read my full disclosure HERE. When I thought about making the tote bags I knew I needed a material that was easy to work with because well I am still a super beginner sewer lol. Right away I knew the material I needed was Oly Fun from Fairfield World. It is a material that doesn’t fray which helped me cut down some steps in the sewing process. Ok, let’s get crafty by first gathering our supplies.

Steps to making the Summer camp tote bag:

The first thing you need to do is cut out your material. I cut out 2 15×15 inch pieces for the bag portion and 2 2×30 inch pieces for the straps.

Your next step is to sew together the 15×15 inch pieces together by sewing 3 sides with a 1/4 inch seam.
Next, fold the strap piece over length wise and sew along one side to make the strap thicker. Repeat with the other strap piece.Now it’s time to sew the straps onto the tote bag portion. I did a square pattern to reinforce the strap.  Each strap is sewn on one side of the bag as shown below. Once you finish the sewing you need to cut off the bottom corners so that when you flip it right side out the corners don’t bunch up inside. Once you cut the corners you can flip the bag right side out. Now onto the decorating part. Since it is a Summer camp tote bag I think it would be so fun to set up a table with the bags for each child and the whole middle of the table can be filled with items to decorate the tote bags.

You can make tassels out of Oly Fun. Here is a quick tutorial, start by using a piece of Oly Fun that is approximately 4 inches wide and the length depends on how long you want the tassel (double that length because you will need to fold the piece of Oly Fun in half). Then cut thin strips but do not cut all the way through. Next, unfold the piece of Oly fun and start rolling it up. Then fold it back in half and tie off the top with a piece of twine. And that’s it for the tassel, I did leave the twine tails so that I can use those to tie the tassel to the bag. I also used the Oly Fun to make some roses. Besides the tassels and the flowers I also used some acrylic paint to write out 2021. When I painted the year I made sure to go light handed so the paint would not bleed through.
Here is my tote bag. I didn’t decorate my tote bag too much but I love how it turned out. The amazing thing about providing each child with a blank bag is that they will be able to use their imaginations to decorate their bags exactly how they want. I hope this has inspired you to put together your own Summer camp where you can provide the kids their very own tote bags. Happy crafting!!

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