Y’all, I am finally sharing a party on here again!!!! It has been a while since I have shared party inspiration which makes me so excited to share this budget friendly party with you today. A pirate party is such a classic party theme that just does not go out of style. By using supplies I had from previous parties I was able to put this together for very little money. But even if you do not have anything similar to what is here you can still put on a budget friendly pirate party.

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The supplies I used to set up this budget friendly pirate party: (some of the items linked are items I found closest to what I used):

Now, let’s start by stating that I had every intention to buy red candlesticks for the candelabra but completely forgot until I was setting up the table lol. Oh well, it still turned out great but if you would like to use candles as part of your table set up you can buy them at Dollar Tree. Alright now that we got that out of the way let’s dive into the details of this pirate tablescape. Let’s start with that candle less candelabra, I ended up just draping it with the gold bead necklaces and adding some coins. I also added more bead necklaces and coins down the whole center of the table.

pirate party Each place setting had a dinner plate, cup, utensil, napkin, and their party favor box. pirate party table setting Each box had a small bag of chips, a ring pop, other small candies, pirate stickers, and temporary pirate tattoos. pirate party favors I placed a red paper straw inside the pirate paper cups. pirate cups And that’s it! Not too much to set up but what is there looks great and I love how the bead necklaces and coins help fill out the table. I hope this budget friendly pirate party table was able to serve as inspiration. Are you planning any parties soon? Let me know in the comments below. Are you planning a pirate party? I have some inspiration along with links to put together a budget friendly pirate party.

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