Ok y’all I am always excited to bring you a new blog post and to share some creativity with you but today’s post has me extra excited. I am going to be sharing my Cricut Explore 3 review and a small project. Let’s jump right in to the new features and then proceed to a quick little project.  At the end of the post I will share some FAQs as well as my final thoughts on the new machine.

Disclosure: I am part of the Cricut Blogger Program and I receive products/compensation in exchange for craft ideas. But all opinions are 100% my own. Some of the links used here are affiliates. Read my full disclosure HERE.  

Features the Cricut Explore 3 has that the Cricut Explore Air 2 does NOT:

  • For the print then cut capability you can actually print on white AND colored material
  • You can use Smart materials for long continuous cuts WITHOUT a machine mat (Note: you can still use mats with the non smart materials just like you would with the older machines)
  • Expanded Storage Cup
  • Lid tray to hold your mobile devices

More Cricut Explore 3 features:

  • Notice that there isn’t a dial that’s because it can cut so many types of materials that it was better to only choose your material in Cricut Design Space
  • Compatible with the roll holder pictured above (sold separately)
  • and last but not least it cuts up to 2 times faster than the Cricut Explore Air 2 (when you use the smart material with out a mat)

Ok, let’s create a quick little project to help our Cricut Explore 3 review. I used my Smart Vinyl to cut out an eyelashes decal.

I then placed some transfer tape on top and use my scraper to help it stick to the transfer tape. Next, I cleaned my glass surface with some rubbing alcohol and once it was dry I place my Smart Vinyl on the glass container. Again I used the scraper to help the transfer process. Then I just removed the transfer tape. And, voila all done. It looks so cute!!!

My Cricut Explore 3 Review:

I absolutely LOVE this machine and I can’t wait to share more projects with you. When I was cutting out this eyelashes decal the machine cut it so fast that I missed getting a video of it on my phone lol. That instantly got me excited to use more smart materials with it because that means I can crank out more craft projects in less time.

Cricut Explore 3 FAQ:

  • What comes in the box with the machine? Cricut Explore® 3 machine, Premium Fine-Point Blade + Housing, Welcome card, USB cable, Power adapter, Free trial subscription to Cricut Access™ (for new subscribers), 100 ready-to-make projects online, Material for a practice cut
  • Why did you drop “Air” from the Explore? Can it no longer connect via Bluetooth?  Bluetooth connectivity has become standard for all new Cricut cutting machines. It was no longer necessary to call it out in the product’s name.
  • Does is matter how I route the power cord for my Explore 3 machine? Yes. Your Explore 3 machine comes with a 90-degree connector to help ensure that Smart materials do not come in contact with your power cord as the material exits the back of the machine. Please route your power cord to ensure your material movement is unobstructed.
  • How do I align my Smart Material when loading it into the machine? Align Smart Material with the left material guides, then push material gently against rollers as you press the Load button.
  • Can I use other brands of vinyl or iron-on without a mat? You can use other brands of materials, but you will need to place them on a mat.
  • Do I need to measure and cut my Smart Material before I load it? We recommend leaving your material on the roll until after you cut has finished. Cricut Explore 3 and Maker 3 include sensors that measure your material length for you, ensuring that you have enough material for the project you’re working on. When your cut finishes, the material will load back into the machine, allowing you to trim material away from the roll. If you have a roll holder, the built-in trimmer makes this process even easier.
  • Do I need to buy the Cricut Roll Holder if I plan on using longer rolls of material? Cricut Explore 3 and Maker 3 are designed to work with Smart Material rolls up to 75 ft right out of the box. While not required, Cricut Roll Holder is extremely helpful in managing bulky, long rolls, keeping them in place and perfectly aligned for long cuts.
  • How wide is a roll of Smart Vinyl or Smart Iron-On? The roll of material is 13 in (33 cm) wide. The maximum cuttable width is 11.7 in (29.7 cm).

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