Ok y’all Halloween is around the corner and I am so excited for it. Last year was the first year we stayed home for Halloween and it was a fun. I set up a Halloween movie and while watching it my boys and nephew did a craft and enjoyed some yummy food and snacks. I also sent them out on a candy hunt, they absolutely loved that. This year we still have no plans but I know that I want my dog to have a costume. I don’t want her to wear anything heavy so I know a no sew dog costume made from Oly-Fun will be perfect.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World and I received products/compensation in exchange for my craft idea. But all opinions are 100% my own. Some of the links used here are affiliate, read my full disclosure HERE. This dog costume can be whipped up in less than 10 minutes. It probably took me longer getting my model to sit still for a picture to show of her little costume than it did to make lol. Like I said earlier I don’t want her to wear anything heavy that way she will keep it on for a while. This is why Oly-Fun by Fairfield World is the perfect material to make a cape for her little witch costume. Let me show you just how easy it was to make her no sew dog costume.

No sew dog costume supplies:

The first thing I did was cut the Oly-Fun material. The measurements shown here in the picture are 15×20 inches but after trying it on her I cut it down to 13×18 inches and that was perfect in my opinion. The material I have comes folded in half so in reality once I opened it the cape measurements were 26×18 inches.

 Next, I folded the side that measures 26 inches over about an inch and used sewing pins to keep in down while I cut in some notches as shown below. Then I took off the sewing pins and unfolded the Oly-Fun material. I added a safety pin to the end of some ribbon and began threading it through.  Next I just bunched up the Oly-Fun material in order to form the neckline and that was it for the cape. All I did after was put it on my dog and tied it off at the neck then I adjusted the cape to my liking. Now for her little witch hat I used one of these picks that I found at Dollar Tree.  I removed the pick part from one and hot glued some elastic to the inside of the witch hat.That’s all there is to this super easy now sew dog costume. And, the great thing is that my dog actually kept it on for quite some time even after her little photo session. I know that had to do with the fact that the Oly-Fun material is so light weight. I just love how this costume came together and think that my dog looks just so cute in it.

How To Make a No Sew Dog Costume

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