Hey there, today I am so excited to share a first for me. I have always wanted to create a shaker card but just never got around to it. But, today I am sharing how I finally created my own DIY Christmas shaker card.

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure HERE.diy christmas shaker card Some double sided foam tape that I found at Dollar Tree is what inspired me to create this DIY Christmas shaker card. Let’s get started because there are a couple of components to this project. Even though it has a couple of steps it is still very easy to create.

DIY Christmas shaker card supplies (some of the items linked are items I found closest to what I used):

diy christmas shaker card supplies Ok, let’s start by adding the foil to the toner sheet. Place the toner sheet inside the parchment paper right up to the crease fold. Then place the foil sheet on top of the toner sheet shiny side up. You can than close the parchment paper.place inside parchment paper shiny side up Next feed it through the laminating machine.put through laminator Once it goes all the way through the laminating machine open it up and peel off the foil sheet. lift foil sheet Next, I needed to trim my toner sheet a little bit so it could fit my card blank.trim edges Then I used my tape runner to add adhesive to the back of the toner sheet and stick it to the card blank.glue to card I then cut out a piece of white cardstock 1/2 an inch smaller all the way around.glue to card Then I marked off 1/2 inch off of each side again. This will make the window for the shaker card. make frame I used a ruler and my craft knife to cut out the center of the square.cut out center square Then I used my tape runner to adhere the window to the frame. For the window I used a laminating sheet that I ran through my laminating machine so it would seal. I then cut it down to the size of the frame. I did it this way because I have so many laminating sheets that it was better this way. But if you like you can buy the clear sheets I linked above. add clear sheet Next, I added the foam adhesive all the way around the frame. I used the 1/2 inch one that came in the pack.add foam tape to all the edges Next I added my embellishments the the card. For embellishments I used a house stamp and a tree die cut. You can then add a little bit of the glasslet micro beads on top of the embellishments and adhere the frame right over everything. add embellishments The frame felt too plain for me so I used markers to add Christmas lights to the border of the frame.diy christmas shaker card I still didn’t feel it was quite complete. So I used my Me and My Peeps stamp set again to stamp out this I love you! phrase.diy christmas shaker card I then added that to the corner of my frame.diy christmas shaker card Now it was complete. I love how it turned out!! And I love flipping it around to see the beads moving in there lol. I hope this DIY Christmas shaker card inspires you to create your own. Happy crafting!

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