We are in November which means it is time to start making ALL the holiday crafts. I started by making a Thanksgiving napkin ring. I loved how it turned out so I made more and they look so cute on my napkins.

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I am so excited for this years Thanksgiving since last year we couldn’t celebrate like we usually do. Although I did my best to still make Thanksgiving 2020 memorable it just wasn’t the same like making the memories with our usual Thanksgiving guests. But y’all we are making up for it this year which is why I have began making the cute details that will be added to our Thanksgiving dinner table.

My Cricut Maker has been doing some overtime especially when dealing with chipboard material (like I used here) because it does have to do many passes to cut out the image. Make sure to keep that in mind and give yourself plenty of time to complete projects like this one.

To make this Thanksgiving napkin ring you will need:

How to make a Thanksgiving napkin ring

Start by using painters tape to tape down the chipboard to the mat. This is important because it helps the chipboard stay still while the Maker makes all of its passes. Then open up the Cricut Design Space image I created for this Thanksgiving napkin ring and click make it.

 Next, you will need to move the little white wheels all the way to the right side like I am demonstrating here. Now you can load your mat as well as swap out your regular blade for the knife blade. Then begin cutting. While it takes its time cutting out the chipboard  go grab a snack or watch an episode of your favorite show. Once the chipboard finished cutting out I swapped out my blade back to the fine point blade. Then I cut out the same napkin ring image but with the gold foil paper.

 Next I used the tape runner to attach the foil paper to the chipboard. Now I have some cute Thanksgiving napkin rings ready for my dinner table. I hope this tutorial inspires you to begin your holiday crafting. Happy crafting!

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