We are in those final days of preparing for Christmas. Are you ready or are you still creating all the Christmas things? Today I am sharing a real quick and easy Christmas bag for candy. It makes for a great party favor.

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure HERE.Christmas Bag for Candy I began by gathering random little Christmas themed items. That is what is so great about creating your own Christmas bag for candy that by gathering different items you can make each one different. For example swap out the Christmas tree for a fun snowman. Have fun with it and make it your own.

The items I ended up using are (some items linked are similar to what I used):

supplies for Christmas bag I began decorating my Christmas bag by adding the twine first. I just tied it off in the back of the bag and then for added security put a tape over the tied part.wrap twine on bag Next I began adding the embellishments. I put my tree on the bottom right corner and topped it off with the red shimmer bow.Christmas tree with shimmer bow I put the Christmas flags through the twine and used hot glue to secure them to the bag. And the reindeer clip was simply put at the top of the bag.diy christmas paper flags And that is it. I did leave a blank space at the bottom where it leaves me the option to personalize it with my guests name. Christmas candy bag I love how this Christmas candy bag turned out. The shimmer bow and Christmas flags are my favorite. Hope this inspired you, happy crafting!Christmas Bag for Candy

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