Gift card holder

Gift cards can be some of the easiest gifts to buy but they can also be somewhat impersonal. Today I am sharing an easy gift card holder that will dress up that gift card making it a bit more personal.

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure HERE.Gift card holder This gift card holder can be decorated to match the type of gift card you are giving. Another way to decorate it is to personalize for the gift recipient.

The supplies I used for my gift card holder (some items a similar to what I used):

suppliesThe first thing I did was tie some twine around the fry box. I usually tie off the twine in the back but this time I left it in the front.tie twine to boxThe reason I did that was to tie off the stocking die cut to it. add decorationsNext, I added some paper shreds to the inside. Then I just placed the gift card among the paper shreds.paper shreds for heightThis is such an easy way to dress up a gift card. I love coming up with different ways to give gift cards like this snowman jar or this mini gift basket. I hope this was helpful. Happy crafting!!Fry Box Gift Card Holder

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