Today I am sharing a cute heart window Valentine favor box. I made this using my Cricut machine and the designs in Cricut Design Space. The good thing about this tutorial is that it can be used to make many different themes not just for Valentine’s Day.

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Easy Cricut Design Space Steps to make a Valentine Favor Box:

  1. Search images for a favor bag
  2. Filter: By project type, select 3D images, and choose an image you like
  3. Next choose a heart and add that on top of the favor box you chose
  4. Select the heart and favor box and the same time
  5. Choose the SLICE tool on the bottom right
  6. Delete the heart sliced results
  7. Bring the score line back to the top
  8. Select the score line and the box then attach them.
  9. Resize it and click make it
  10. Let my Cricut Explore 3 do its thing

Following these above steps this is what I ended up creating. I resized it so that I could cut out 2 from a 12×12 cardstock paper.

Cricut Design Space result: Valentine favor box Next I folded along all the scored lines. I also added some adhesive with a tape runner around the heart cutout (through the inside of the box).add tape to the valentine favor box Then I added my window. It was made from a laminate sheet that I ran through my laminating machine and then cut down to size.heart window on box Now, all I had to do was glue the tabs shut to form the box. Then I ran some ribbon through the top holes to close the box after I filled it up with some candy. I love how it turned out and I love that I can make boxes for just about any theme.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and that it inspired you. Happy crafting!!!Heart Window Valentine Favor Box

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